More Rants About Nothing.

I am 4 am on your cell phone Professing my undying love

Even though the relationship has been deceased.

I am the reason you live,

And the reason you hate love.

I am your biggest fan

And your brightest star whom shines so brightly

To illuminate only your sky.

I’m mad for you.

And you care not because I was the one who did the choosing.
I wish that I was one of those alluring women

Who know just what to say

And exactly when to leave.

Instead of that brash woman.

Who says too much 

And not enough, especially when in love.
My timing is so off as well.

We used to be on time for church

But now the pew inside me is empty 

And I can no longer lie and say “oh we’re just friends”

That’s a lie.

I cannot be loved.

I don’t know how. 

I squeeze life out of everything.

I am not patient.

You are so slow to love.

And I am so quick to anger.
Yet here we are.


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