Male Attention is Dope! 

So it’s been a while. Obviously my inconsistency is based upon graduate school, work and my newfound passion for all things sleeping. If it ain’t school, internship or church, ya girls been spending quality time with her mattress.

Anywho, something that’s been on my mind lately is… (drum roll please) MEN! Now I know what you’re thinking. Oh Lawd, not THE feminist of Waco, Texas. What penis grabbing, toe stomping, emasculating thing will she concoct to write about now? Well, guess what suckas; I’m being nice today. You couldn’t tell by my haircut and tendency to wear doc martens daily (since women with fades and attitudes can’t be wives *coughs) but, I like em. In fact, I’ve always liked them. Now, whether the love has been reciprocated, ehhh that’s another post for another lovely morning. SO, what about these men are you wondering ? Well, they’re dope! Particular my black men, y’all the dopest! The way you walk in talk, the way y’all look with a fresh fade and the beard connect game on fleek, the way you love your moms and cherish your fathers, the way you can go from Jays and extended Tees to suits and bow ties (lawd I love bow ties) the way my black men are so tough yet so sensitive, LORD! Father God, we thank you for Adam who evolved to Jerome.

Men are dope. And when men give you attention (especially when you are deprived) it is like dope. 

Let me say that again, men giving attention to an attention deprived female is dope. So ladies, I know you have in mind the dopest of them all. As you read this you were like, “yesss das bae on the TL. Issa husband” And guess what, (claps for emphasis) I. Feel. You. The infamous Wale one said “Women will sell their souls just to buy some attention.” Ladies, and you don’t have to raise your hands, who all in here has felt personally victimized by a dope ahh man? Who’s been doing backflips and jumpsplits and being all extra nice when you know that you’re crazy A.F., telling all your friends “Issa husband” when really y’all are barely friends? (Newsflash: its fine.) (Another newflash: You on dope boo). Alas, it’s probably not a husband, and you probably have fabricated this entire “situationship”. I’m not saying one day he won’t be bae for life, cause let’s face it, you gotta start somewhere.. but yeah, three text backs and a mention definitely don’t solidify hubby status. Sorry, not sorry.

So ladies, about these dope men (he he), let em be dope, but don’t you be looking like Ricky from new edition. Because as we all know, dope gives you a feeling (so they say and thanks to that movie and my walk with the Lordt, I won’t be finding out). Dope appears to make you feel awesome. And then you stop feeling that way, and you have to have the next hit. Well, if you’re a billionaire, you can afford to feed your habit, cause dope ain’t cheap. But even with all the money in the world, a fiend is a fiend and eventually the cracks in the ceiling will begin to show. You start not taking baths and skipping haircuts and yeah.. downhill. Ladies, the dope boy gotcha all geeked. He texts back, takes you out, makes you feel good. You become addicted to your phone, waiting for that “bing” signifying a text and dear God it’s just your mom or your father. And why is he not texting me? Did I do something wrong? Too much makeup, and perhaps I didn’t wear enough perfume and maybe I shouldn’t have eaten the last churro. Blah blah BLAH. And then before you know it, you’re a fiend, sitting outside his house with a bat, singing “irreplaceable” as he is literally dialing the police. (No this is not a personal story. Purely fictitious)

The point you are wondering? Attention is dope. A handsome black man who loves is mom and the Lord is the dopest. But as a woman, and a passionate woman at that, we can tend to be a bit like dope fiends, looking for the next hit when it comes to men. Now more times than one, the addict is using the drug as a coping mechanism. Usually it’s some kind of avoidance mechanism.. So ladies, I come to you with love, and wisdom. If you find yourself “head over heels” instantly, maybe it is hubby. Or maybe, it’s you. No matter how great someone makes you feel, that void you’re trying to feel is too wide and too deep for any man to handle; only GOD provides that type of solace. What are you running from that you think the dope man will solve completely? Spend time in thought and prayer and find out before it’s too late. I would hate for future hubby bae to not become husband because he put a restraining order on you.

Oh yeah, boo you’re the dopest of THEM ALL. Created just for man, you birth the nation Queen. So yes, the dope man smells good, but never forget that he came from a woman! Know your worth, and if any man has you as an option and chooses otherwise, he’s the dummy! You all that and a bag of cheetos girl! So stop shucking and jiving for the dopeman. Drink water and keep it moving. And most importantly, spend time with the one who created man; G-O-D. You’ll be surprised how life changes.

Have a great day! 


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