New Year, New You?

It is New Year’s Eve, or for some of you over-zealous individuals, New Year’s Day. You have already made those resolutions to eat right, workout every day the Lord sends, love yourself more and etc. You’re cutting out bread and adding prayer, and cutting old friends and adding new foes. (lol). Regardless, you are making promises that you PLAN to keep. Emphasize PLAN, because let’s be honest, two weeks into that workout regimen, sleep is going to be more important, and the Wendy’s 4 for 4 will find its way onto your hips and forever on your lips. You’re gonna curse out your enemies and spy on Facebook with your bestie and her potential ex-boyfriend. You’re also gonna find reasons to skip leg day and add twerk night at the local pub.

So are we aiming too high for the new year? I’m all for lofty goals; as I would have it, I am starting a “No-No” diet. I don’t know if many have noticed, but I have gained roughly the weight of a healthy 6 year old. Call it societal anxiety or Instagram model envy, but I want a flatter tummy and more stamina on the treadmill. SOO, I am working out this year. But I’m not lying to myself (like I did last year and the year before) about how I am achieving this Janet Jackson glo-up. My No-No diet is a kickstarter to a healthier me. But health starts internally. I always say that mental health is wealth and this is true. I know that I love french fries and sopapillas and all that other wonderful, fattening, greasy stuff. BUT, the overabundance of my consumption of these things is debilitating my health.

So in the New Year, I am all about changing my thinking. Day by day, I plan to do good to myself by eating better (some salads, twinkies, kale, broccoli and fried chicken, ooh and we can’t cut out mac and cheese… Mac and Cheese is bae). Most importantly, I am being realistic with myself. I was supposed to start this No-No diet January 2nd, but I have been working out for the past two weeks. I have also been forcing salad alongside my cookies, and water instead of sweet tea (I will not give up coffee and if you try and force this, I WILL HURT YOU!) New year, new you? NO. Every new day is a chance for you to better yourself! Let’s take this time to reflect on where we’ve been in order to properly envision where we will end up. Aim high with these resolutions, but know with the rising of each sun that proper change can be implemented every minute of the day. You don’t need January to signify “glowing up”. Boss up tomorrow by changing your mindset today.


Have a blessed New Years!


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