Werk, Werk, Don’t Stop! No really, please work.

In the wake of “probate season” I first want to extend my congratulations to the expansion of the D9 org’s brotherhood and sisterhood. With that being said, I want to briefly touch on the expectations of new members.

You are just initiated into the sorority of your dreams. Your probate was so amazing that the founders themselves grinned in their coffins, you just received three “hey pham” texts, your mama’s crying, your daddy’s wishing his mother was alive to see you become her sister… You go about campus and life making fraternity references; everything is “ice cold” and “so sweet” and all that jazz. All the parties next semester have your name on them, and why not; you have known scarred since 2010 and you’ve just been inducted in 2015! Of course you must stroll on every occasion and wear peri from your head to you toes! I want that for you Neo! Be the most extra that you can be! Post all the pictures, do all the chants, and oh yeah, Do all the work!

Remember when you sat in that meeting in your oversized business suit, sitting slanted in order to hide the first run in your stockings, patting down your freshly flat-ironed natural hair, baring your soul as to convince these people in this organization that you aren’t a part of, but you KNOW you love it so much, that you are qualified to be a member? Remember how you claimed you wanted to start a non-profit and open up an all boys school, and oh my lord I just looooove kids and old people, and last year I pulled a car off a homeless person and please pick me I am a good person.. I know you remember those words and promises you made when trying to gain entrance into the sorority or fraternity. Remember the fervor with which you explained all of the work you would do, and how you didn’t need the organization, but the organization needed you. (I am trying to figure out how an organization that has been around 100+ years (not all of them) needs your little 23 years of 2 cents, but no worries, I thought my sorority needed me too). What my sorority needs is the same thing that all D9 orgs need; love (brotherhood and sisterhood), service (to all mankind ;), and business. Now hear me out, the business portion is something I’m not a fan of but I’m also a tree hugger so don’t let me digress…. My point is you were chosen for a reason. Yes you should stroll and chant and twerk and bark, throw up the dynasty sign, drench yourself in royal blue and wear purple and old gold, and dye your hair pink with a green bang! But always remember what you said from the beginning; you are a servant. So neos, you will continue to go to community services, and help cater to the needs of the disenfranchised and impoverished. You need to mentor young children. You need to respect your elders, and bend over backwards assisting seasoned members of the organizations, as well as the elderly in general. LISTEN when older members speak because they can provide a wealth of knowledge. Always be willing to learn more about your organization because information is limitless. And lastly, treat members with respect and love, no matter what circumstances they,or you entered the organization.

The list of expectations are endless, but what I want to reiterate is the importance of nurturing the love for your organization. The excitement and anticipation I felt on December 13, 2015 is still pulsating through my veins this very second. I had the pleasure of witnessing some new members initiated yesterday, and I was just as excited for them as for myself last year. I love my organization, and I strive to show it every day by serving and love all mankind!


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