Congrats; you played yaself!

So it’s been a while, and during my siesta from blogging, I have managed to gain roughly 15 pounds, relax my coarse, and lovely hair, reignite several friendship flames, consume a gallon of water a day (yet I have gained weight due to frequent taco bell runs) all while approaching graduation from my Masters program. All of these things aren’t wonderful feats, but they are a part of living.

I also had the pleasure of voting for Hillary Clinton two- weeks ago.. Well you know how that went. Any who, what I want to take some time to vent about today is the frantic panic that is sweeping our nation, based upon the election results. More importantly, I have some thoughts about the ways in which my university is responding to blatant racist attacks.

Apparently, about a week and a half ago, a black Baylor student was shoved off of the sidewalk with the remarks “now America can be great again”. The “shover” was a white male (no specific instructions were given as to his physical appearance). The victim posted a video via social media describing the incident, and her response to everything that happened. Now I will go on the record by saying that I did not watch the video in it’s entirety, but I did retweet it (yay social media activist Tonee). I also missed the gathering/protest/rally on campus walking the student to class (side-note: I’m a poor graduate student with a minimum wage job that cannot be missed).

Fast forward to this week; Baylor’s NAACP chapter hosted one final meeting centered around digesting this election and making plans to move forward. Was I at this meeting you wonder; no I was not; again, poor and working. Did I watch the video showing ignorant people of the caucasian population hurling insults at students whom attended the meeting; briefly. Ya see, I have a bad attitude and a sensitive ego, therefore I try my best not to consume things I know full well will incite me to riot.

What are these two incidents showing me? Nothing new. Call my parents bigots, or paranoid old black people, but they raised me to be on the alert for non-black people with bad intentions. I always knew that there were many white people, both old and young that were raised with an inherent fear, hatred, and distrust for black people. Which, although I don’t agree with these fears (duh I’m black and awesome), I do see the benefits of slavery and the residual affects of an oppressive group solidifying economic success for years to come. Yes, America was build upon the backs of black people, and we’ve been getting lynched ever sense.. but I digress. This post is not about bringing up slavery in America; it’s actually a warning.

I am not my father, nor my mother! I am not voting the democratic ticket because grandma says so. I am doing research on my candidates and deciding whether or not voting is worth it. Cause let’s be real; the president is merely a pawn; America is till ran by 8 old white trillionaires; hence why Hillary was doomed from the beginning (No uterus will ever prosper!!!) Jk.. But back to my original thought; I’m not taking the poison you force feed society, and newsflash people; there are other educated black people that feel the same way. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, social workers and more are people of color. We don’t have to shuck and jive and twerk for two pennies anymore. We are also burning bras, stereotypes and even you if need be (cues knuck if you buck). So to all you old school and new school bigots and racists, know that the old docile, sweet negro will evaporate with the baby boomers. We have read Martin, but we are embodying Malcolm. We have seen the lies portrayed about the Panther Party, but reblogged pictures and images of those same panthers feeding the community and teaching self-defense classes. America, you can’t fool this new generation of black people. In the words of a negro I once knew “we aint with the sh—“.

If you think that the president or a couple klansmen with fresh sheets can scare black people back into oblivion, you have another thing coming. And I know why you’re angry; I would be frustrated too if I watched privilege slowly but surely slide from my fingertips (cues small violin). You’re afraid of the black person becoming autonomous and finding strength within our own community (we know this, hence why you burned down entire towns that were dedicated to successful black economics i.e. Black wall street and Rosewood).

Uncle Tom is dead, and if need be, Nat Turner can resurface if you continue to push us to that point.

America, don’t play yoself.


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