Pretty cliche huh? Every year we find ourselves finding some new zeal for love, life and the pursuit of happiness, yet by mid-march we’re right back to the mediocrity mindset we had last year. But what if we really made a permanent change? What if we actually stuck to that new eating plan and exercise regiment? What if we did update our blog every week, and attended bible study like we’d promised countless times? What if we really changed for the new year?

I don’t know about you, but 2015 just about killed me. I mean it, I was literally fatigued in all aspects of life. My dog began to have seizures, I started a new graduate program that revealed to me that my professional writing level was equivalent to a fifth grader; oh yeah and I lost my heart and mind for about 16 weeks. There were mornings that I could not will myself to get out of bed and there were very few nights that weren’t accompanied with tears. Oh yes ladies and gentlemen, love hurts and realizing you never loved yourself hurts the most. But after losing someone I cared about, temporarily losing my sanity, losing sleep, gaining weight; I realized that I had gained a newfound outlook on life in general. 2015 revealed to me that I had some real work to do. After 23 years living with myself, I realized that I did not know myself. Yikes!  And how can you love something that you can’t even understand? (It’s really hard).

So yes 2015, you brought bouts of despair and depression, heart-ache and pain, tears and frustration, but you also taught me to appreciate laughter. You introduced me to the greatest sorority every created, and now I am officially a sister! In my vulnerability, you allowed me to embarass myself, but you awakened my love for art again. Because of the pain, I grew closer to my friends, and realized that although I had lost an integral part of myself, there were still others who saw me for who I truly was, in spite of my present actions. I had real friends to tell me, “okay crazy, get it together!” In other words, I was one step from Lynn Whitfield in the movie a Thin Line Between Love & Hate. Thankfully though, with time, God and more God, I began to keep my craziness under wraps. Lol

So to 2015, I say thanks, and you should too. Lets toast to new beginnings; new hairstyles, new friends, new love for life; a NEW YOU. And if you’re like how I was last year, waiting on someone to fall in love with you, than lets fall in love with ourselves this year. Like I literally mean DO YOU BOOBOO! Go out to dinner, the movies, an amusement park, do your homework, and pray to God daily, thanking him for life. All the hurt, pain and regret is a part of life, but in 2016, lets keep them to a minimum!



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