Trust Issues? Nah, God Got Me.

  Now I know you read this and thought “hmm, Tonee is Drakin and drivin.” But I’m not. Although I love Drake, I hate the message that trust issues sends. The weeknd’s sultry voice emits condemning words. “All she cares about is money..” Now I was raised to go to college, get a career, and take care of myself. Getting married was assumed, but not necessary. Matter fact, in many homes, parents promote distrust of others pretty early. The “I don’t need no man” to take care of me mindset didn’t just drop from thin air. It came from a single mother who instilled a sense of independence within her daughter. How many times does she have to hear “don’t depend on anyone but yourself” until she starts to believe it? 

Now back to the weekend, and some woman that only cares about money. Now the good book says that the love of money is the root of all evil. (And I quote.)  It’s safe to say that the distrust among young black people nowadays stems from money. Our parents are right, they don’t send us to college to get married; they send us to get an education and to take care of ourselves. BUT, this love of money is quite dangerous. J Cole frequently speaks about the quest for money in the black community and how the urge to stunt is prevalent because of the lack of money we’ve had in the past. My point is that I am surrounded by many successful people, but I don’t feel that I am surrounded by many happy people. Success is different for everyone and I am not by any means condemning single people. I am single and know many single people that are wanting to be in a healthy relationship. But the issue of distrust is more than they can bear. 

As a society, we trust things; like cars and paper. The issue with trusting things, is that they can break; they don’t last forever. But a person, a soul created by God, can be broken, and like a Phoenix, rise from it’s ashes and become more beautiful, and stronger than before. They literally killed Jesus on the cross and he arose to save us all. 

We’ve all been hurt, and it’s the worst. But it’s not about getting hurt, it’s about what you do after the hurt that defines you. But like MJ once said, you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take. I think as a people, we have to work on being open to love; open to trusting others. As a black race, this is especially important due to the history of distrust that slavery evoked. So the next time love knocks on your door, be ready to at least look through the peephole. Hurt people hurt people, but love always prevails. No need for trust issues; trust in God and everything else will fall into place.  



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