Many entrepreneurs hang their hat on three principles: Consistency, determination and satisfaction. Well as an entreprenegro, I literally hang my hat (no pun intended) on satisfaction. As a senior at Baylor, I had plenty of expertise on the “collegiate fashion scene”. It involved a lot of sweats, big t-shirts, and you guessed it, HATS! Polo hats, baylor hats, sorority hats; everywhere you looked, hats were upon the heads of college students and professors alike. I thought it would be wonderful to implement a hat that not only unified Baylor Nation, but also gave individuals a dash of expression. 

ToneDeaf was created in a bathtub at 4 am on a Tuesday morning for those who want to LoL; Live out Loud! It has received rave reviews from students, as well as faculty and staff. Even the president of Baylor University rocks ToneDeaf.   

It’s not just a hat business; it’s a lifestyle. 


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